Through Fran Flaherty’s Anthropology of Motherhood and Meg Foley’s Blood BabyEternal Maternal examines the intricate details and diverse expressions that encompass the multifaceted nature of motherhood, acknowledging mothering as both an active pursuit and a fundamental state of existence, both irrespective of and subject to gender. 

Flaherty and Foley delve into the realm of divine bodies, illuminating the inherent connection between mothering and the sacred. The works unveil the natural act of mothering intertwined with the profound forces of unconscious geology. Eternal Maternal serves as a testament to the extraordinary beauty and complexity inherent in the act of mothering, inviting contemplation, challenging preconceptions, and celebrating the diversity of maternal experiences. Curated by DS Kinsel.

Eternal Maternal is on view at KST’s lobby gallery. The gallery is open to the public during and one hour before every KST Presents event. The exhibition will be available to be seen between Monday, September 18 – Sunday, December 17, 2023.

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