Opening Reception Friday, February 18, 2022, 6P-9P

Exhibition Open Until May 15th, 2022

BRAIN BONE BLOOD is a solo exhibition by DS Kinsel that presents a collection of artifacts exploring abstracted anatomy, jujuism, and the amalgamation of identities. 

BRAIN BONE BLOOD primarily presents a wide ranging set of canvas paintings depicting bold epicene forms. Each work presents a unique subject experiencing dissection, forcing an act of sacrifice of these unfamiliar bodies across diptychs, triptychs, and quadriptych. Bold brush strokes, text based pattern, and intense surface texture are the most present feature paintings by Kinsel. BRAIN BONE BLOOD not only acts as a title for this collection, but a sacred hymn repeated across the paintings in the act of spellcasting. Turning these obvious art objects into totems that display easily accessible conjurations of an unknown magic. Entirely new, this collection of paintings has never been shown publicly. All artworks will be available for purchase and acquisition. 

The additional artifacts featured in the exhibition serve as totems that demonstrate a symphony of personal stories of dissection. Reflecting the various ideas, techniques, and physical experiences held inside our BRAIN BONE and BLOOD.  

The 707 Gallery, located on a business block street level in the Cultural District, is an intimate and immersive space that often features work from Pittsburgh-based artists. Its large window looking out onto the bustling 8th Street block of Penn Avenue provides a wonderful canvas of all downtown Pittsburgh has to offer with exhibitions that explore the limits of creative expression, presentation, and interpretation of various art forms.

DS Kinsel is an award winning creative entrepreneur and cultural agitator. He expresses his creativity through the mediums of painting, printmaking, collage, installation, curating, performance and public art. Kinsel’s work puts focus on themes of space keeping, urban tradition, hip-hop, informalism and cultural re-appropriation. Kinsel has worked partners such as Most Wanted Fine Art, Artist Image Resource, The Homewood Residency Program, Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Carnegie Mellon University Digital Arts Studio, Carnegie Museum of Art, The Westmoreland Museum of American Art, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, AS220,The Association of Art Museum Curators and the Sedona Summer Artist Colony as an artist, curator, and producer. 

BOOM Concepts is a creative hub dedicated to the advancement of black, brown, queer and femme artists. BOOM Concepts is located in Pittsburgh and since 2014, has curated 50 exhibitions on-site, paid out over $75k in artists fees and produced 200+ events across the country. BOOM Concepts serves as a space for field building, knowledge sharing, mentorship, and storytelling. In its 8th year, BOOM Concepts continues to work with creatives to find innovative strategies around entrepreneurship and artistic practice. In 2021, BOOM Concepts was selected to represent Pittsburgh for the Google Arts & Culture platform and was identified as an American Cultural Treasure through The Heinz Endowments and The Ford Foundation.