A Historic Collaboration between Renowned Artists Camerin “Camo” Nesbit, DS Kinsel, and Jason Saur Takes Center Stage at Red Dot Miami During Miami Art Week 2023.

BOOM Concepts presents accomplished visual artists Camerin “Camo” Nesbitt and DS Kinsel in their first collaborative exhibition at Red Dot Miami, a distinguished gallery-only contemporary art fair, as part of Miami Art Week 2023. Red Dot Miami, recognized for curating outstanding contemporary art since 2006, provides a global platform for artists to reach diverse audiences. Represented by the Pittsburgh-based galleries BOOM Concepts and Most Wanted Fine Art -, Nesbit and Kinsel are joined by sculptors Shawn Farester and Jason Saur to complete the exhibition.  Be sure to visit this collection of paintings and sculptures at Booth 601 in the Mana Convention Center during Red Dot Miami.  

Kinsel, Saur, and Nesbit will also be engaging in a week’s worth of art actions as part of BOOM Concepts Activist Print Paint Past (AP3) Temporary Public Art Program.  The Pittsburgh based artists will be touring their BOOM x MWFA Art Car across Dade County with its last stop happening on December 10th as a feature pop up exhibit at the Museum of Graffiti.  The team has also been invited to create a collaborative mural during the Wynwood Mural Festival.

BOOM Concepts embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity, making it a value-aligned partner for this groundbreaking exhibition and temporary public art action.

Event Details: Tickets

Date: Wednesday December 6th – Sunday December 10th, 2023

Location: Red Dot Miami – Booth Number: 601- Mana Convention Center – Miami, Florida

About the Artists:

Camerin “Camo” Nesbit: A designer, muralist, and painter based in Pittsburgh, PA, Camerin utilizes his eye-catching designs and signature camouflage motif to create new places in communities.  This has also led to the production of  high end products through brand collaborations and unique commissions. Creating signature artifacts and memorable keepsakes for patrons of all ages. 

His work primarily represents the black body in public space, actively engaging with the community through each brushstroke. Camo’s artwork can be admired throughout the city of Pittsburgh and across the United States.

DS Kinsel: A talented and award winning cultural agitator, DS Kinsel brings his latest collection Brain Bone Blood to Red Dot Miami. BRAIN BONE BLOOD is a collection of artifacts exploring abstracted anatomy, jujuism, and the amalgamation of identities.  Bold brush strokes, text based pattern, and intense surface texture are the key features of the paintings. Kinsel is the co-founder of BOOM Concepts and his work has garnered attention for its focus on space keeping, urban tradition, hip-hop, informalism and cultural re-appropriation 

Jason Saur: Raised in both derby garage culture and contemporary art circles, Saur creates transformative sculptures, crafted from crashed and painted cars of demolition derbies, merging chaos and beauty. With an olive branch and dove motif symbolizing peace, his work embodies resilience and renewal amidst destruction. Jason Sauer, a decorated army veteran and founder of Most Wanted Fine Art (MWFA), has received numerous accolades, including being honored as a “40 under 40” by Pittsburgh magazine.