Artists Image Resource and BOOM Concepts presents a multipart exhibition showcasing projects and work created by several artists in and around the Artists Image Resource studio over the past two years.

This group exhibition, open now through March 31st at Artists Image Resource (518 Foreland St, PGH, PA 15212), includes new work by artists and educators Bekezela Mguni, DS Kinsel, and Quaishawn Whitlock.

Exhibition hours will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10A-2P and 4P-8P. Scheduled appointments can be made available at other times via (If you’re planning a visit please send a note via email or call).

These artists use the idea of “Black Magic” as a double entendre, playing with perceptions and periods. They each use screen printing, paint, paste, collage, and other methods to exhume past contexts and shared histories. Work being exhibited has been created in and around the artists image resource studio over the past two years. 

About The BOOM Residency:

Artists Image Resource and BOOM Concepts initiated a residency project designed to allow artists to access the Artists Image Resource studio to develop and create new work. The initial artists involved include Darrell Kinsel, Bekezela Mguni and Quaishawn Whitlock and the initial projects were stimulated by work on the Golden Cage Portfolio.

Description and preview of the artist’s collections:

Bekezela Mguni is a queer Trinidadian artist, librarian, birth worker, and educator. She has over 15 years of community organizing experience in the Reproductive Justice movement and holds an MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh.

Collage works and textual artifacts by DS Kinsel

DS Kinsel is an award winning creative entrepreneur and cultural agitator. He expresses his creativity through the mediums of painting, printmaking, collage, installation, curating, performance and public art.


New work by AIR Resident Artist Quaishawn Whitlock

Quaishawn Whitlock is an interdisciplinary Artist, educator and business owner working out of Pittsburgh PA.

About Artists Image Resource:
Artists Image Resources (AIR) is an artist run, non-profit print and imaging organization established in 1996 to serve as a laboratory for artists, educators and the community. AIR’s mission is to integrate the creation of fine art prints with educational programs that explore the role of the artist in contemporary culture. AIR’s primary activities are to initiate and facilitate projects with professional artists and to create active laboratory environments where artists, students and the public interact. AIR’s fundamental interest is in how print and imaging processes are being used in broader contemporary art making practice and how these practices impact and reflect culture.