Boom Concepts, A Creative Hub For Our Community

BOOM is a space for field building, knowledge sharing, mentorship, and storytelling.

Our Mission

About Boom Concepts

BOOM Concepts is dedicated to the development of artist and creative entrepreneurs representing marginalized voices.

BOOM Concepts operates as a campus with locations across Pittsburgh

BOOM Concepts offers artist studios in auxiliary locations across Pittsburgh’s unique neighborhoods, spaces, and resources catered to each artist’s creative and professional goals.

Boom Concepts flagship location is located in the Penn Ave Arts and Business District with a 1500 sq ft store front that host monthly art exhibitions as apart of #Unblurred First Friday gallery crawl, as well as film screenings, community meetings, music performances, dance parties, fundraisers, and more!

Boom Concepts

For business inquiries, questions or comments, please send us a comment in our nice form.

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